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Going Mobile

Already reading this on your mobile phone? Great... you're good to go.

Otherwise just scan this QR code with any 'smartphone' to get immediate access or enter pettalkpeople.com into your mobile browser's URL. 

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About The PET TALK people Website
We use what's called 'adaptive'technology which literally means it adapts to whatever device you are using.
On an iPad or Tablet we suggest using 'Desktop View' of our website, but on an iPhone or Smartphone just leave as is. 

To scan the QR code here you'll need a QR Code Reader APP if you don't have one already! 

It's FREE and best of all you can use it to scan supermarket items or the new range of Boomerang-ID QR coded PetID tags and much much more.

Here's a few we've found for both iPhones and Androids.

QR Droid